What is a CCLG Special Named Fund?

CCLG Special Named Funds give families and loved ones an opportunity to create a personalised fund to honour a child or young person affected by cancer.  They allow families to achieve their fundraising objectives, as well as having complete control over their fund.

You decide how you raise money for your fund and you can do so at your own pace, without the administrative burden of setting up and running an independent charity, and with the support of the whole CCLG team.

CCLG will ‘ringfence’ 100% of the funds raised for a 'Special Named Fund' to a chosen area of our work. For example, research into a specific type of cancer, patient information or our general work helping all children diagnosed with cancer.

There is no set fundraising target, as all funds, however big or small will go towards your chosen cause. We will allocate funds where they are most needed with your full involvement and agreement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Setting up a Special Named Fund

Where your money goes