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Before Seren was diagnosed she was happy and bright with a kind and caring nature. She still is all of those things but, in addition, she is now facing a 2-3 year battle with cancer. Here, her family tell her story...

The only signs we had that Seren was unwell was some tiredness and then in early December 2018 she looked an odd colour so we arranged for blood tests to be taken and were immediately admitted to hospital.

Seren had to receive blood transfusions in order to keep her going whilst the doctors struggled to diagnose her but eventually after a week, the most awful week, after a bone marrow aspiration Seren was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL) on 18th December.

Chemotherapy treatment began immediately and Seren spent Christmas at Birmingham Children’s Hospital (BCH), she faced it all with strength and courage. Seren then attended appointments at BCH where she underwent multiple weekly chemotherapy treatments, as well as a range of other drugs and procedures including steroids, general anaesthetics, lumbar punctures, bone marrow tests, blood tests, transfusions and antibiotic treatments for infections. Her immune system is weak, but they allow us to stay at home between treatments and administer pain relief and other oral medication at home or through the community nursing team.

In February we got the devastating news that the treatment hadn’t cleared the cancer and we were moved into a more intense chemotherapy regime. Seren again faced it with courage and positivity and began fundraising to help other children struggling with cancer. During her harshest treatment she raised £20,000 with the help of friends and family which we donated to many charities that had helped her. 

 After more hospital stays, more blood transfusions and losing her hair all over again Seren is now in the maintenance stage of her treatment which is due to finish in May 2021. We are working with CCLG as our main charity partner from now on to research into kinder treatments for ALL.

91% of ALL patients survive past the 5-year point but 1 in 2 of those will have at least one chronic illness.

We hope to set up a research project from the funds raised for Seren’s ALL Stars that help reduce the long-term effects of treatment for ALL survivors as well as hopefully work towards a cure. Please donate if you can.

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100% of funds raised will support research into acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL).