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Tyler was two years old when in January 2019 he was diagnosed with a stage 3 ependyma brain tumour. Here, his mum Katie shares their story...

Our nightmare began on January 7, 2019 and changed our lives forever. That was the day our lovely, smiley little boy Tyler was diagnosed with cancer.

Tyler had experienced headaches and sickness for around 10 months previously and would throw himself to the floor as he was in so much pain. After constant trips to the doctor and then thinking it was teething, viral or asthma problem, I took him to A&E as we were not getting any closer to finding out what was wrong.

Initially doctors there also thought he looked fine, but I was sure there was something wrong. I requested an MRI scan and when the results came back, the doctors pulled the curtains round and told us the worst news imaginable. Tyler had a brain tumour.

Hearing the news, my heart sank. I'd never felt pain like it.

They had found a mass in his head and fluid build-up on the brain. We immediately got sent to Birmingham Childrens Hospital (BCH) where the skilled team of surgeons removed his tumour. After a biopsy was taken, we were told it was cancerous, a stage 3 ependyma brain tumour.

His treatment meant us travelling to Jacksonville, Florida for 30 rounds of proton beam therapy. Flying to America for this treatment was so scary and daunting but Tyler faced it like a pro, as he does everything. The team caring for him was great and also made it easier for us as parents.

We were in America for three months before flying home for Tyler to undergo chemotherapy. He finished his last cycle on August 2, 2019 and rang the bell to signify the end of his treatment at the end of that month.

He is now recovering with doctors keeping a close on him with regular three-month scans and check-ups. He is doing well but there have been some side effects from the chemo and proton beam, with the harsh reality of a lot more to come.

He is getting back to being able to do what he loves: being outdoors, playing and doing arts and crafts. He also likes nothing more than listening to Ed Sheeran and dancing to his favourite songs, Human and Giant by Rag n Bone Man.

He is such a brave and amazing little boy who has done so well and we are all so proud of him. Its been so difficult, but Tyler has been truly superhuman all the way through. He is a real-life superhero just like his favourites, Spiderman and Hulk.

We have set up Tyler's Superhuman Fund to give something back by raising money to help other children like Tyler. Tyler's Superhuman Fund is a CCLG Special Named Fund dedicated to funding research into brain tumours in children. We hope by putting money into research for childhood cancers this will push towards finding kinder treatments and a cure.

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100% of funds raised will support research into brain tumours.